Friday, 24 May 2013

Tuxedo Commands

1. Boot the Tuxedo Bulletin Board Liaison process.
#boot the Tuxedo administrative processes
boot -A

2. Bounce the PeopleSoft Application Server processes
(specifed the -w parameter so that they don't wait as they start)
stop -g APPSRV
boot -g APPSRV -w

3. Stop entire app server without waiting for each server process to stop
stop -y -c

4. Boot entire App server
boot -y -w

5. Bounce PUSBUB without affecting other processes
stop -g PUBSUB
boot -g PUBSUB

6. Boot the JREPSRV process (which maps Java Classes to Tuxedo Services).
boot -g JREPGRP

7. When all the other processes have booted, boot the WSL and JSL processes.
boot -g BASE
boot -g JSLGRP

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